What is Givefinity

Givefinity is a mobile application where students can easily find, track, and validate their volunteer hours in one centralized place. It saves them time, improves accuracy, reduces complexities regarding approvals, and allows them to easily share this information with a variety of people and entities.
Start tracking your difference today.
Givefinity simplifies volunteer tracking.
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How it works:

1 Download the Givefinity app.

2 Create your account.

3 Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

4 Start tracking your volunteer hours in Givefinity.

Awesome Design!

``I use Givefinity to track all of my volunteer hours. Not only is it easy to use, but I love having all my volunteering info in one place.``

Joey Walsh

Simple and useful.

``Game-change-r! I track my time for Key Club and it’s so easy to turn them into my advisor.``

Sarah Tanner

Great flexibility.

``Givefinity helped me organize my hours and really gave me a leg up in the college admissions process! So glad I downloaded and used it.``

Brady Folliard

Aspire to make a difference today