September 22, 2022

Being a Digitally Smart Teen: Everything You Need to Know to Avoid Life-Altering Mistakes

Never let a 140 character tweet cost you a $140,000 scholarship! This webinar helps you learn how to avoid life-altering mistakes with your digital presence. Family Tech Expert & Coach Julie Fisher, M.Ed. of @yourdigitalguardian will talk about auditing your entire online presence.

Critical for high school students and parents of high schoolers. If you’re applying to college, internships, or a job — you need to know this information.

Julie will guide you through avoiding big mistakes, and how Givefinity can help you proactively share the positive impact you’re making in your community when you track your volunteer hours.

Presenting Partner: Julie Fisher, M.Ed. 

Julie Fisher is an educational consultant and coach with Your Digital Guardian who focuses on helping you navigate the complicated task of balancing the digital world with the real one. She helps parents cope with the chaos that comes from parenting digital kids by offering realistic solutions to help manage family tech use, keep kids safe online, and ensure that kids’ past posts help don’t hurt their future.

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