Growing With You

Givefinity is committed to making the world a better place. We do that through providing an app that continuously grows and evolves to make volunteering easier. THANK YOU to everyone who continues to contribute your feedback — you are helping us become a better company.

Here are our latest updates and what we’re launching soon.

App Update Log

May 2023

Enhancing The Experience
Latest Release

Mobile App:

  • Users can now change their goal even for completed activities
  • Goals are required when making an activity
  • All reports now reflect partial hours
  • When users export their all-time report, a table is added to show their activities one by one in addition to the usual graphs

February 2023

Enhancing The Experience
  • To the Mobile App: Access to enhanced visualizations and insights to better understand the impact you are making; Ability to delete already completed activities; Ability to edit and view details until activity is completed as well as view completed activity details
  • To the Dashboard: Ability to create multiple admin accounts; Create activities for multiple users; Various administrative enhancements

October 2022

Organizational Dashboard Released

Mobile App:

  • Givefinity mobile now free for individual volunteer tracking
  • User account deletion functionality added
  • Ability to manage multiple goals
  • Ability to add skills to a volunteer activity
  • Ability to add photos during and after a volunteer activity
  • Reporting enhancements


Organizational Dashboard:
  • Allow organizations to track and manage volunteer activities for multiple users

April 2022

Gearing Up for Launch
Givefinity’s Beta testing ends in May 2022, and we’ve released our first round of major updates and functionalities ahead of our launch. 
  • Multiple goals – Ability to manage multiple goals to track volunteering activities.
  • Reporting enhancements – Premium edition has graphical reporting improvements and insight.
  • Skills – You can now add the skills you used and/or learned during the volunteer activity.
  • Photos – You can now add photos during and after a volunteer activity to provide proof of activity, capture memories, and more.
  • Updated branding throughout the app.

July 2021

Preparation for Beta

Givefinity is gearing up for our Beta Testing phase in version 1.2.

March 2021

Resolved Our First Bugs

We improved the app’s performance and fixed our first bugs.

February 2021

First Launch!

We launched Version 1.0 of the Givefinity app on Google and iOS for the first time to test all the features and functionality.

Features Coming Soon

2023 Updates
  • Reporting enhancements
  • Verification and authentication advancements 
  • Student Information System integrations

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