Frequently Asked Questions


Our dashboard is designed for organizations of all sizes to easily track their volunteer’s hours. It is a great solution for businesses with a cause marketing effort underway, Greek Life organizations, school systems (both private and public), volunteer coordinators, and more.

Schedule a Demo with us and we’ll walk you through how the dashboard functions. Then we can provide you with a custom quote based on your organization’s size and number of volunteers.

Schedule a Demo with us and we’ll walk you through how the dashboard functions.

Then we provide you with a custom quote for our subscription based platform, tailored to your organization’s size and number of volunteers.

Contact us for a demo to get started.

Yes you can!

If you have a spreadsheet with this information, we suggest you create a goal (e.g. 2021 or something similar for each year you import) then upload a .csv file in the Activities Section using a similar format that you see displayed. You would specify the goal to import would be 2021. Once that is done you can archive that goal so that it doesn’t show up in the dashboard, but would show up in reporting.

Mobile App

Are you an individual looking to track your own volunteer activities?

You can download Givefinity for either the Apple iOS or Google Android mobile platforms.

If you’re an organization looking to track volunteer hours for many people, check out our Dashboard

Givefinity will let you share your volunteer experiences with your family and friends through the most popular social media channels.

Absolutely! We encourage you to provide us with your experiences and feedback. You can provide feedback in the Givefinity app under the Profile >> Settings >> Feedback area , or on this website here.

You can create a time entry for one day and time. For subsequent days, you can search on the previous entry and select it to copy to a new entry. Then check the date and duration for that particular day. 

Yes, you can specify the times you volunteered without using a specific date. Givefinity will default to using the current date for completion.

You can delete an activity at any time and editing can be done until the activity is marked complete. This preserves the integrity of the information provided.

You can view the activity in its entirety including any pictures you have added. When viewing the activity, you can click on the photo that you’d like to see and optionally download it to your device.

You are able to delete completed activities.

Tip: You should consider creating a new activity with the correct time before deleting the incorrect entry. The easiest way to do this in the Creative Activity window is search on the activity name and once selected it will populate the information that you can also edit. Then go back to the completed activity to delete the activity you’re trying to correct.

Data & Security

We require an email address and password in order to log in and use Givefinity. Other personal identifiable information (PII) can be optionally provided by the user in their profile. This information includes name, age, sex, phone, address, as well as volunteer supervisor name, email, and phone. We do NOT collect personal identification numbers such as social security, passport, driver’s license, taxpayer identification, patient identification, financial account, or credit card numbers.

No personal identification information is shared.

Data is encrypted at rest and in transit in order to safeguard your data to the fullest extent.

No financial information, such as credit card information, is stored or shared by Givefinity.