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Do Good. Gain Experience. Track it all in one place. Everything you need to manage your volunteer activities in one app.

High School Volunteers - Givefinity Mobile App for Volunteer Time Tracking


A Visual, Organized Calendar

Effortlessly add all current and upcoming volunteer activities. Use Givefinity® track date, organization, location, and the number of volunteer hours spent.


See Your Impact

Quick-and-easy exporting so you can share a report of all your volunteer activity for a specific time period.

High School Students volunteering at farm, bar graph of activity from Givefinity app
Validate your volunteering. Givefinity App helps you get e-signatures


Verified Volunteer Hours

Supervisors can electronically sign to validate your volunteer time. Rest easy with authenticated service hours.

Coming Soon

See what new features are coming to the Givefinity® App. Sign up to receive release updates and submit your own features requests.

High Schooler with friends using the Givefinity Volunteer Tracking app

The essence of life is to serve others and do good.

— Aristotle


Hear from others why Givefinity is their go-to Volunteer Tracking app

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Awesome Design!
I use Givefinity to track all of my volunteer hours. I love having all my volunteering info in one place.
— Joey W.
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Easy To Use
The app is easy to use and has a friendly user interface. Features I like are the map where you can see reviews from others, the online signature, and the club organization.
— Sameer K.
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I really like seeing the progress bar on the app. It helps me stay focused on my big goals. Thanks for the motivation.
— Kaleena S.
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Simple and Useful
Game-changer! I track my time for Key Club and it’s so easy to turn them into my advisor.
— Sarah T
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Great Flexibility
Givefinity helped me organize my hours and really gave me a leg up in the college admissions process.
— Brady F.
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Honestly, Fun!
I love it! It is super accessible for students and makes hour tracking so easy (and honestly, fun)!
— Sonali R.
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No More Stress
As someone who is always stressing about keeping track of slips and papers, I am SO THANKFUL for this app. I always have my phone with me and never lose it, so this is perfect.
— Mia H.
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Easy Tech
The person who signed off on my volunteer hours at the food bank was really wowed with the e-signature technology. And I loved how easy it was.
— Micah O.
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Motivates Me
I think that the app is very organized and provides us with a great platform to see and record our hours. Personally, seeing the information that way also motivates me to achieve my volunteering goals.
— Jackson B.
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Must-Have App
This is a must-have app for anyone who volunteers! It makes keeping track of volunteer hours and signatures super easy. The best part is that it is completely free!
— Jordan P.