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Track Your Cause Marketing Efforts & VTO Hours

Whether your company needs help tracking Volunteer Time Off hours or the positive impact from your Cause Marketing efforts, Givefinity can help. Tracking hours and visualizing data has never been easier with our digital platform which includes an app that pairs perfectly with our Organizational Dashboard.

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Givefinity’s Organizational Dashboard and enhanced analytics helps you easily quantify your organization’s impact and success. Have all the people in your business download the Givefinity app to input their volunteer hours. Then, watch everything aggregate into your dashboard!

Does your company want to implement a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Program?

Corporate Volunteering is increasing in popularity. Many businesses have recognized the value of giving their employees days off to volunteer and engage in community service. Plus, VTO programs are a great way to fulfill your corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments!

If you’ve already launched or are considering launching a VTO program, be sure to track all volunteer hours so you can share your community impact, reinforce your commitment to making a positive difference, and foster a sense of pride and purpose among employees.

Don’t do this process manually — let us help you make volunteer time tracking easy. Check out our digital Organizational Dashboard and mobile app.

Measure Impact with Ease

Tracking volunteer hours helps you quantify the impact your company has on the community. By recording the number of hours contributed by your employees, you can measure the collective effort. Use the data for annual reports, evaluating the effectiveness of your philanthropic initiatives, and setting goals for the future.

Build a Positive Brand Image

Demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility and community involvement by sharing the impact you’re making! Givefinity’s Organizational Dashboard can aggregate and analyze volunteer hours data and help you easily share powerful stories. We help you attract new talent and customers who align with your values.

Foster Team Building and Collaboration

Volunteering as a team can strengthen bonds among colleagues and improve collaboration. Working together on community projects outside of the office environment helps employees develop stronger relationships, enhance communication skills, and foster a sense of camaraderie. Do good for your community, then track all that goodness with Givefinity’s Organizational Dashboard.

Make Strategic Decisions

Tracking cause marketing efforts provides businesses with valuable insights to make strategic decisions. By analyzing the data, you can identify trends and tailor your cause marketing strategies accordingly. Find out which causes resonate most with your volunteering employees and which nonprofit partnerships create the greatest results in Givefinity’s Organizational Dashboard.

Recognize Your Biggest Volunteers with a Simple Click

Cultivate a culture of giving back and reward outstanding community service efforts! Givefinity’s dashboard makes it easy to identify who in your company has gone above and beyond in their commitment to service. You can use this information to acknowledge and celebrate their contributions through awards, certificates, or public recognition.

Save Time — and Save Yourself from Admin Headaches

Tracking cause marketing efforts enables businesses to measure impact, evaluate ROI, enhance their reputation, engage stakeholders, and make informed strategic decisions. Givefinity’s dashboard can help you understand the outcomes of your cause marketing initiatives, so you can strengthen your brand AND create positive change in your community.