Track Your Community Impact

Greek organizations are known for their commitment to philanthropy. Your organization contributes to various charitable causes and makes a positive impact in your community — now, track all that impact in one powerful dashboard.

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Track your Volunteer Hours, Auto-magically

Givefinity’s dashboard and enhanced analytics helps you easily quantify your organization’s impact and success. Have all the members in your organization download the Givefinity app to input their hours. Then, watch everything magically aggregate into your dashboard!

Accountability and Documentation

Tracking volunteer hours allows your organization to maintain a record of the community service and philanthropic activities you participate in. It provides a concrete way to document your commitment to giving back to the community. Ensure transparency in your reporting and demonstrate the impact your organization has made over time.

Measuring Impact with Ease

Tracking volunteer hours helps you quantify the impact your fraternity or sorority has on the community. By recording the number of hours contributed by your members, you can measure the collective effort and calculate the overall impact. This information can be useful for reporting, evaluating the effectiveness of your philanthropic initiatives, and setting goals for the future.

Recognize Your Biggest Volunteers with a Simple Click

Many Greek organizations recognize and reward outstanding community service efforts. Our dashboard makes it easy to identify members who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to service. You can use this information to acknowledge and celebrate their contributions through awards, certificates, or public recognition.

Engage with Alumni

Alumni often have a strong connection to their fraternities and sororities — and they may be interested in supporting community service initiatives. By tracking volunteer hours, you can showcase the impact you are making and encourage alumni to get involved, either by participating in volunteer activities or providing financial support.

Create Powerful Grant Applications and Donation Requests

Many grants and fundraising opportunities require documentation of community service efforts. By tracking volunteer hours, your Greek life organization can provide evidence of your commitment to community service when applying for grants or seeking donations. It demonstrates your organization’s dedication to making a positive difference and can strengthen your case when seeking financial support.

Help Your Members with Personal and Professional Growth

Simply using the Givefinity app allows your members to reflect on their individual contributions and personal growth through community service. It encourages members to set goals, track their progress, and strive to make a greater impact. Tracking volunteer hours fosters a culture of service and encourages members to actively seek out and engage in meaningful volunteer opportunities.

Save Time — and Save Yourself from Admin Headaches

Tracking volunteer hours with the Givefinity dashboard promotes accountability, measures impact, facilitates recognition and awards, promotes growth, and more. Bring tangible results to your fraternity or sorority and inspire members to continue their commitment to service.