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Whether you’re reaching community service goals, fulfilling internship requirements, or reporting on organization-wide volunteerism — Givefinity makes it easy to track volunteer hours.

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Givefinity is For Everyone

Givefinity makes it easy to give back, gain experience, and be the change in your community. We have the perfect tool for anyone who needs to track hours for:

Never Miss Your Commitments

Easily add volunteer opportunities to your calendar, so you stay on target and on time.

Visualize Your Impact

From making the world a greener place, to fighting food insecurity, or protecting animals — Givefinity makes it easy to see how you’re making a difference.

Reach Your Goals

The app makes it simple to hone in on your strengths and unlock your potential.

Articulate Your Difference

Run reports to see where you’ve volunteered and your hours, then share the difference you’re making. Creating a compelling portfolio of your service has never been easier.

Changing the game for organizations and volunteer coordinators

Effective Measurements, Efficient Operations

Givefinity’s dashboard and enhanced analytics helps you easily quantify your organization’s impact and success. Givefinity means less time spent on paperwork, tracking, and reporting — and more validity, insights, and accountability.

Givefinity helps volunteer coordinators at organizations just like yours:

  • Greek Life Sororities and Fraternities
  • Business & Corporate Philanthropy Efforts
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Nonprofit Organizations

Hear from others why Givefinity is their go-to Volunteer Tracking app

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Awesome Design!
I use Givefinity to track all of my volunteer hours. I love having all my volunteering info in one place.
— Joey W.
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Simple and Useful
Game-changer! I track my time for Key Club and it’s so easy to turn them into my advisor.
— Sarah T
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Great Flexibility
Givefinity helped me organize my hours and really gave me a leg up in the college admissions process.
— Brady F.
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No More Stress
As someone who is always stressing about keeping track of slips and papers, I am SO THANKFUL for this app. I always have my phone with me and never lose it, so this is perfect.
— Mia H.
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I really like seeing the progress bar on the app. It helps me stay focused on my big goals. Thanks for the motivation.
— Kaleena S.
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Easy Tech
The person who signed off on my volunteer hours at the food bank was really wowed with the e-signature technology. And I loved how easy it was.
— Micah O.
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Honestly, Fun!
I love it! It is super accessible for students and makes hour tracking so easy (and honestly, fun)!
— Sonali R.
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Motivates Me
I think that the app is very organized and provides us with a great platform to see and record our hours. Personally, seeing the information that way also motivates me to achieve my volunteering goals.
— Jackson B.
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Must-Have App
This is a must-have app for anyone who volunteers! It makes keeping track of volunteer hours and signatures super easy. The best part is that it is completely free!
— Jordan P.

All Plans Lead to A Generous Life

Whether you need our simple tracking and reporting with our Forever Free plan, or want to bring Givefinity® to your whole community — we make tracking your time & generosity easy.

For Individuals:
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For Organizations:
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Provide Givefinity® Premium to everyone in your organization, plus:
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Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help.

— Heather French Henry