April 19, 2023

Empowering Communities Through Innovative Tech: An Interview With Our Co-Founder

Amy Gardinier is the guest speaker on Female Founders Podcast

Improving the community and student’s lives is of paramount importance to Amy Gardinier, CEO of Givefinity. Amy recently had the true pleasure of speaking on the Female Founders Podcast with Naghilia Desravines, Founder & CEO of WomELLE, about innovative tech and how it can empower communities.

WomELLE is a woman-owned company that brings women together from across the globe to share ideas and provide guidance to help us all achieve our collective and individual goals.

Hear the behind-the-scenes founding story of Givefinity and learn where the company is headed. In this episode, Amy discusses:

  • Givefinity’s Enterprise Organizational Dashboard
  • The importance of privacy for students
  • Volunteer opportunities on campuses
  • Managing the launch of a new product, specifically during the pandemic
  • How she sees technology shaping the nonprofit sector
  • Advice for women who want to get involved in volunteering

Amy Gardinier: Empowering Communities Through Innovative Tech | Female Founders Podcast Ep #93

Watch the interview:

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