July 13, 2022

Rising Seniors and the College Application Process Webinar

If you’re a rising senior in high school, college applications might be heavily on your mind!

Learn tips, tricks, and best practices for navigating the college application process and how to differentiate yourself with Givefinity’s volunteer tracking app. Download Givefinity for free.

Presenting Partner: General Services Foundation 

General Services Foundation mobilizes high schoolers by providing them with guidance and monetary support to execute fundraisers, drives, and events for nonprofits they are passionate about in their local and global communities. Learn more: generalservicesfoundation.org

During the webinar, General Services Foundation’s founder walks you through: 

  • Your various options after high school graduation
  • College application tips to help you stand out
  • How to find Scholarships, work on Personal Statements and Supplemental Essays
  • How to balance extracurriculars in your senior year
  • Details about using & navigating Common App

Plus, you’ll get to hear a live Q&A from rising seniors.

Resource Links from the Presentation


General Services Foundation

Fast Web


College Essay Guy

Common Application

Common Application Questions 2022-2023

Personal Statement Examples

Supplemental Examples

Search “Common Data Set 2020-2021” or “Common Data Set 2021-2022” to find important numbers and information >> See this UNC Example


NC Residency Determination Service

College Vine

Contact Information

Amy Gardinier – amyg@givefinity.com
Sonali Ratnasinghe – sonali@generalservicesfoundation.org

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